• Brett Johnson

Needing a Speaker?

Ok. Looks like we are getting back to normal. Groovy.

That means more speaking opportunities: Conferences, companies, perhaps a wedding out there would like a Keynote Presentation.

Might I suggest me?

Yep, That's right. I'm looking for gigs. No job is too big, No fee is too big.

30 minute chat? I'm there. An 8-hour all-day presentation and training day? Anything and everything in-between? Let's go. Not my first rodeo.

In person? I'll be there. Remote? I'm studio ready. Metaverse? Grab the goggles.

Topics? Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Identity Theft, The Brett Johnson Story, and anything in-between.

My promise to you? A presentation unlike anything you've seen before. Educate, enlighten, entertain--The Three "E"s.

Speaker Fees? Yes.

Message me on Linkedin, email me at, or visit

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